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Table of Contents

  1.  Introduction
  2.  Auto SEO
  3.  Full SEO
  4.  E-commerce SEO
  5.  Analytics
  6.  SEO API
  7.  Dedicated SEO Dashboard
  8.  SSL
  9.  Semalt Plugin for WordPress
  10.  Semalt Extension for Chrome
  11.  Semalt Market
  12.  Conclusion


Semalt is a fast-growing SEO company with 100+ team members and 120000+ active clients. They have been operating since 2013 and are actively known to develop and bring clients' online businesses to a new level which should increase sales and revenue. They do this by inspiring people to be one step ahead and to bring their ideas to life. They respect their clients, chase consistency and growth, base strategies on facts, believe in teamwork, and use high-tech & innovative approaches to reach their goals. 

But Semalt can't give the same service to everyone. Different businesses have varying needs. That's why they have many products and services and they can all be accessed on their official website. Their services include Auto SEO, Full SEO, E-commerce SEO, Analytics, SEO API, Dedicated SEO Dashboard, SSL, Semalt Plugin for WordPress, Semalt Extension for Chrome, and Semalt Market. Here in this guide, you'll learn a thing or two about each of the products they offer, so you'll know which one your business needs. 

Auto SEO

Semalt tags this product as the 'effective SEO promotion that fits all budget.' It is the fastest (among all their other products) to get better google ranking and traffic without paying a lot of money. This product is best for startups, small businesses, resellers, and SEO agencies. The promotion would help make websites SEO-friendly and trustworthy by following the requirements of Google to implement great SEO practices. It would also help to improve visibility by using traffic-generating keywords. Websites that are promoted with Auto SEO would rank higher, attract new visitors, and gain an increase in their online presence. 

The SEO tools that are involved in Auto SEO are:
You can purchase Auto SEO for only $0.99 and everybody is liable to a 14-days free trial. You can also subscribe to a deal of a year, 6 months, 3 months, or a month. Additionally, resellers get a limited special offer. 

Full SEO

This is the all-in-one SEO tool that fosters a business's online growth. It grows a business's customer base by incorporating the company's advanced set of internal and external optimization measures. It is best for companies operating in low, medium, and high competition niches. It is also a befitting package for resellers. What it does is help you expand your customer base by helping you rank high. It also helps businesses to gain a competitive edge, reach a showpiece of SEO excellence, and attain a financially rewarding stage with sales and revenue. 

The SEO tools involved in Full SEO are:
Full SEO service is available in either gold, silver, or bronze packages for high, medium, and low competition niches. 

E-commerce SEO

This is the SEO tool that increases sales for an online store. It is the best bet for every online store owner that is looking to boost their sales. Any e-commerce business in all market niches and competition landscapes, online stores with any business infrastructure and current sales volume, and finally online stores in any location and website language can benefit from this package. This SEO tool makes websites rank high, with consistent growth in customer flow. It also ramps up sales and revenue, helps the site meet Google's requirements, and in general, grows the business. 

Purchasing E-commerce SEO means you sign up for the following SEO tools:


This is a bunch of advanced SEO analytics tools for online businesses, and using it to analyze websites will help the owners learn how to improve their ranking and user experience. It helps to track website performance, get a Google-friendly website, gain a competitive edge, and share analytics data. If you are a website owner, website manager, freelance SEO specialist, or you own an SEO agency, then this service is very beneficial. It includes the following activities:
You can start website analysis for free and later subscribe to a one-month, three months, six months, or one-year plan. You also get a discount when you subscribe for 3 months, 6 months, and a year plan. 


With SEO API, website owners will gain instant access to extensive Semalt SEO data through the API interface. The following APIs have been tried, tested, and proven to facilitate SEO data aggregation. 

They are:
With these tools, you can save a lot of time on once-manual work for affordable prices and different subscriptions.

Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD)

Semalt DSD helps to boost online business revenue by providing effective and free SEO analytics tools for its clients. With a white label dashboard based on their technologies, Semalt allows online businesses to give their clients free and effective SEO analytics tools, sell more of their services, and increase their loyal customers. SEO agencies, SEO freelancers, and Semalt Resellers can benefit greatly from this tool. The services embedded in Semalt DSD include Google SERP analysis, Technical SEO Audit, and SEO reports. 

The tools available within Semalt DSD includes the following:
The projects and tracked keywords are unlimited, with real-time updates. Reports and Crawl-able pages are also unlimited. And it is available at affordable prices. There is even a 14-day free trial for a standard package of Semalt DSD.


SSL certificate (HTTPS) installation and maintenance make a website safe to land on. Google also trusts a site with an SSL certificate more than one that doesn't. It also expands the customer base, keeps the traffic flowing, helps to secure sensitive data, and enhances the security of the website. Anyone with an e-commerce website, a corporate website, an informational website, and other sensitive websites can benefit from this Semalt tool. SSL certificates are available in basic, standard, and premium packages.

The SSL certificate installation service would include:

Semalt Plugin for WordPress

Semalt SEO software allows users to check for all the required data and metrics needed for high ranking in an instant. It is an all-in-one SEO plugin with both analytic and optimization tools. And it is a good tool for anyone with a website (especially with WordPress hosting). It includes the following:

Semalt Extension for Chrome

This tool is a free option that tracks websites' Google ranking. So far, Semalt has collected ranking data on over 50 million websites for 100 million keywords in over 300 location-specific Google search results. Anyone with a website, marketing specialists, and SEO specialists would benefit from this product / service. The ranking data and features include:

Semalt Market

This is their latest product and it is an online e-commerce store that sells ready-made websites for small and medium scale business niches. The websites are optimized and well-prepared for immediate launching. They also come with great, user-friendly content and catchy domain names. The websites are well-coded, responsive, bound to have high rankings, and they are created with follow-come SSL certificates. The benefit of this service is drastically reduced work for future website owners. It also erases the technicalities of creating a website from scratch while serving the same rewards. 


Semalt is a free and paid SEO company with many products and services designed to make businesses successful. And if an online business owner knows what their services and products are all about, then it would be easy to find the one that best suits the business. They are always on guard to protect SEO rankings and they do so at affordable prices. They also offer some free services that you can get started on immediately.

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